Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sagada's Silence

Unlike its Asian neighbors, Holy Week is observed in the Philippines.  During this time, Manila becomes a ghost town. With most offices and commercial establishments closed on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, many opt to hit the provinces for a four-day holiday.  All the streets are empty. For once, gone are the traffic and parking woes. 

While I am opting to stay in town for some silent reflection, I'll shine the spotlight on Sagada. A few days ago, my yoga teachers told me of their upcoming trip to Sagada for the four-day holiday.  As we talked, it brought back memories of my trip four years ago. So while I may have not been good in looking like a Japanese ham roll to my instructors, I know they will appreciate this little blog to send them off on their trip:

SAGADA April 2007:

After a long bus ride, then a bumpy and dizzying jeepney ride on rough roads, my friend Teenette and I were rewarded with Sagada's charming silence.

The View from my window at St. Joseph's Guest House 

For many Sagada regulars, St. Jo's is the place to stay. It is a basic very affordable accommodation with a bed and a shared bathroom. I was pleased with the view from my room. But at 3am, the old couple staying in the next room were wide awake. There are no secrets with these thin wooden walls separating us.  I could hear the intimate details of their conversation and know how many times they flush the loo.

The top two attractions in this chill destination are the caves and hanging coffins.  Sumaging Cave is the most accessible, and a joy with the ornate stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Entering Sumaging Cave, with my new found friends

Close to the Cave's Entrance

Cool pools of water inside the cave

What do you see?

Dirty and slimy with bat poop, but still worth the photo

Hanging Caves, a burial site for the ancient people of Sagada

The best prize after a long grueling crawl and walk through Sumaging Cave is a stop at Yoghurt Time for their freshly made thick yogurt, topped with granola.

Spend the rest of your days in Sagada, sipping strong coffee or just breathing in the fresh air.

Soak up the stillness and the solitude of Sagada. Somehow, up in this mountain town there is a refreshing clarity and peace easy to access..  

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  1. OMG! Totally. Sagad is pure heaven, tbh.

    I miss the Yoghurt House and its good food!!!!

    yay! Nice pix! Did you do the 4 hours spelunking? it was beyond, tbh

  2. Thanks, Sagada is indeed a photogenic place! Yes,we started early in the morning... and finished in time for lunch. Needless to say, we had a huge appetite for lunch after negotiating the cave. Fun!

  3. you try the best foods at LUCKY'S SHANGHAI HAUZ...napakasarap talaga even the PINIKPIKAN the best!

  4. sagada, for me, is indeed the best getaway!


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