Saturday, May 14, 2011

Isla Culion's Finds

One of the joys of travel is not knowing what you would find. Last week I was in Isla Culion, an island in Palawan, Philippines, the gorgeous finds were plenty.

Soaking Up the Islands

Soulful Serenity

A Hope-filled Sunrise

Prayerful Sanctuary

Smiling Happy People

Come and Play, where the air is clean....

A resilient community centered in faith

Islands waiting to be explored

Funky Trees

A special nut called the Casuy

Many Hallmark moments

A tunning sunset to send us off

One memorable moment was meeting Larry Sinamay and Jorky Calix, from the Tagbanua tribe (one of the oldest tribes in the Philippines).  They have mastered using all four hands playing one guitar to create one unified tune.  Larry says he is a fisherman and a self-taught guitar player.  Before acquiring a guitar he made an improvised version strumming on the string use for fish nets.  Listen to their talent....


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