Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Polo through the eyes of a Winemaker in Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina has some of the best polo horses and polo players in the world. Right at the heart of vineyards, we meet a winemaker passionate about creating the best Malbec wine. His other passion is polo. His name is Nicolas Audebert. We catch him at the end of a work day. First he introduces us to the wine they produce. With some prodding, he happily introduces us to polo. The polo field is part of the gorgeous Cheval des Andes winery of the Cheval Blanc corporation.  With the view of gorgeous mountains, fine wines, lovely vineyards, and a polo field, what more can you ask for?

This is a part of a series of posts on my golden delicous journey into Awesome Argentina... check the blog for more posts in the next coming days...

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