Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

I have been a hesitant blogger. Spending most of my day time hours working on article or a book, I wondered if I wanted to spend more time writing on a blog. I started several blogs, but I struggled going back and forth from having it open to the public or keeping it private. In the end, I have many blogs all for my own private consumption.

I recently learned having a blog is a commitment, pretty much like getting married. I do find myself in many situations, experiencing something worth sharing.I figure a blog will be the best venue to share my thoughts, photos, or even just quirky experiences on my journey. I am taking a big bold step opening up myself to the world. So here it goes, i'm taking the plunge. I'm committing to write regularly.

There were some blog-worthy thoughts I want to share from the past few days. Please bear with me as I am delayed in posting them.

Cheers-Maida. 4.09.09.NJ,USA.12:18pm

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