Monday, September 22, 2014

#100simplybrave-Day 6- LIFE ISN’T FAIR

The shower is the perfect thinking place for me. As I lathered my hair after a sweaty booty shaking Zumba class this morning, I gained some clarity. “Life Isn’t Fair,” were the three words in my head. Nothing else. It is a reality I’ve known. But right that moment in the shower, it was a crystal clear realization. Life isn’t fair, and it won’t ever be. Feeling a heavy burden on the shoulders, I was terribly upset yesterday. I struggled with why life isn’t fair. Why don’t people contribute more or help out? But it just is. LIFE ISN’T FAIR. That’s the reality. As I washed away the shampoo from my long locks, I realized the sooner I accept that life isn’t far, the less I will struggle. My load will be lighter, because I won’t be fighting the currents of life’s reality. Yes, the actual work won’t be lighter, but my baggage will be less.

By the time, I left the shower, I was refreshed in body and in mind. It is a tough love message from the universe, but yes, life isn’t fair. The sooner I accept that, the closer I will be to living my best life.

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