Thursday, November 1, 2012

From Singapore, With Love

What a joy to hear from someone who read my book Six Degrees of Expatriation. He is not an expat. He's in fact a Singaporean, but enjoyed reading the book. He ended his email saying:

"One thing that will definitely distract me from this muggy weather would be more travel articles from you.

Bring me back memories from your travels,green fields and buffaloes wallowing in mud, tasselled mules and market days and  traders with their wares spread out like sidewalk departmental stores.. aah, to travel again.." 

Thank you, Renu, for taking time to write. I am overjoyed. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone out there is listening or reading, or if my writing matters. I'm glad to bring some sunshine into your life. After a long day, weaving words and staying indoors with my laptop, you remind me it is all worth it.

Warm Regards from Manila! 

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