Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tango in Argentina

Mention Argentina, and the first thing people think of is Tango. Several friends demanded that I learn this dance. With two left feet and only eight days in Argentina, I did not have time to learn how to Tango. 

At World Malbec Day Celebration in Buenos Aires 2012

Its origins were in the late 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. In 2009, Tango was Inscribed onto the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.  During the rule of Juan Peron, it was fashionable for Argentinians to dance the Tango.  The dance evoked much national pride.

While Tango has evolved to many different styles, Argentine Tango is most intimate. Its music and lyrics are marked by nostalgia. But its beauty is watching the connection between the dancers. Argentine Tango is said to be almost entirely improvisational. Clear communication and chemistry between partners is key. They dance in close embrace, with chests in contact and heads touching.

Although I didn't get to learn this beautiful dance, I had two opportunities to see the passionate dance. On my first night in Buenos Aires, at the World Malbec Day festivities, I saw these dancers.

On my last night, I had the great experience of watching the renowned Rojo Tango at the posh Faena Hotel at  The evening begins with a delicious three course dinner. it is all about the entire experience of dining in a seductive velvet draped salon, lit in red. The salon sits up to 120 people, but it feels as though the show is staged just for you and your loved one.

Rojo Tango does not allow photos taken during the show. But I managed to capture a video of the Tango Dancers in action at World Malbec Day. What a perfect pairing, the rich flavors of Malbec and the passionate dance of Tango!

for more information on Tango and Argentina, see www.argentina.travel 

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