Sunday, May 20, 2012

How one-year old Marco is helping an entire school

MANILA- It is Sunday night. I just finished hauling packages of pencils, crayons, ballpens, notebooks, and school supplies from the family van into my living room. The heavy cartons, the family driver helped carry. But right now, I am overwhelmed. There’s enough school supplies sitting in my living room to open a small store. And who do I thank for these a 1-year old little boy.

Last Christmas, I had a crazy idea of putting up a library for GK Caring Jesus Elementary School in Pandi, Bulacan. With friends and friends of friends, a library was completed. A few weeks later, Carlo Mendoza, one of guys who donated and patiently spent hours putting together computer tables, contacted me. He wanted to give more. His son’s first birthday was coming up. He asked, "What does the school need?"  I suggested school supplies. Carlo told his guests to give school supplies in lieu of gifts to his son Marco.

Birthday Boy Marco and his parents Carlo and Marites

So at the tender age of 1, little Marco will be helping an entire school. These children barely have money for lunch. Imagine what joy they will have this school year with new pencils, notebooks, envelopes, crayons…., and a whole lot more.

When I arrived to pick up their gifts, the birthday celebrant was happily eating his ice cream. He seemed utterly content. And, with reason, he has two loving parents, kind and generous relatives and friends, and a good future ahead of him. I thought to myself if he learns the value of giving and sharing at age one, there is still hope for this world. As we tried to fit all the gifts into the car, my sisters said, “So there is still good people in this world.” Indeed, there is! If Marco’s parents were greedy, they would have thought of all the potential new toys and clothes Marco would have received. But instead they thought of those who needed it. I thought about it, and yes, little Marco probably has the toys and clothes he needs.
Carlo, Marco, Marites and me

Look at all these school supplies

more gifts of school supplies

With tears in my eyes, I am touched by their generous gesture. My phone beeps, a message from Carlo in response to my thanks says: “You’re welcome. We would always try to help the school in our little way.” I feel blessed to meet Carlo, Marites and Marco. I know Marco has a bright future ahead of him. He has two loving parents, who are teaching him the right values: kindness, generosity, contentment, and a good heart.  Perhaps, in their eyes, it is their own little way. But they are big heroes in my book.

Carlo, Marites, and Marco, thanks for reminding us how we can help in our own little way!

On behalf of the students at GK Caring Jesus School, I say: Thank you very much to Carlo, Marites, and little Marco. Thank you to all your generous friends and relatives. I wish you all an abundant life.

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