Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rice To the Occasion

To say Filipinos love rice is an understatement. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even for snacks.

I gave two talks on Filipino Food at the National Museum of Singapore in 2009.  One of astounding facts I shared was how much rice we eat. An average Filipino currently consumes 119 kilograms of rice per year.

Flyer of my talk in the National Museum 

Me beside the poster, and my favorite bibingka (rice cake) i photographed

While our romance with rice varies from Garlic rice to Bibingka (rice cakes), my love has deepened in the past week. I spilled water on my mac last Sunday. I wisely consulted the mac forums and I learned to do the following:  immediately remove the battery, tip the unit over like a teepee to let it dry, and to turn it off for 72 hours. In that 72 hours, keep it in an airtight container with rice. So that very night, I purchased 4 kilos of rice to absorb the moisture in my laptop.  I wrapped my computer in plastic, put it in the airtight container with the grains of rice.  Then, I had to endure my biggest marshmallow test. Despite my desire to turn on the unit, I did not.  I added some of those humidity pellets which absorbs water.  My mind raced wondering if my dear mac would turn on again. Two friends on  Facebook assured me has saved their cellphones.  When I told a friend my little rice experiment, he was not at all surpised and said, "ah rice, the age-old moisture trick."

The grains of rice that saved my mac

So after 72 hours, I prayed, took several deep breaths, and turned on my mac. Alas, it worked!  So once again, rice rises to the occasion. Not only is it a staple and a great source of energy, but it also saved my mac. Here's to the versatile rice, who I'm sure will continue to wow me in my lifetime!

 I'm sorry I haven't posted the other Bhutan diaries.  I will do so in the next few days.....

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