Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just BE

I just returned from Cebu.  What began as an adventure with my sister to Bantayan Island ended in a chic resort called BE. While I could not complain about Bantayan's beaches, I was underwhelmed by the facilities.  Upon my sister's friend's suggestion and some research, we decided to cut our adventure in the northern tip of Cebu short (even if it took an effort to get to) and stay in BE Resort in Mactan.

Stepping into the lobby, I was overjoyed.  Forget the free wifi in the public areas, there it was: a pair of Chiquita bamboo chairs by Kenneth Cobonpue. These wooden bamboo stools look uncomfortable. But go ahead, sit on it. Isn't that amazing?  Its a bamboo chair that's kind to your bum. It is the genius of Kenneth Cobonpue, now a world famous Filipino designer from Cebu Brad Pitt loves.  Brad was so impressed with his work, Kenneth's pieces were used in Ocean's 13 movie set, as well as Brad-Angelina home.  Of course, more than meriting Pitt and Jolie's approval, this furniture designer has the nod of royalty as well the bigwigs in the furniture industry. 

The Adorable Chiquita Chair

Across the Front Desk, there hangs a red Dragnet chair. The guests can't resist sitting on it, and swinging on this sturdy dangling rope-designed chair.  I watched a dad and his daughter spending a long time swinging on this chair.  It is almost always occupied. But when I got a chance, I could see why. It was comfortable, fun, and gorgeous.  I want one! I want one! My mind started plotting on how I could get one. 

Cocooned in the Dragnet Chair

Then close to the entrance, there was a pair of green rattan chairs. While they looked extremely delicate and fragile, the rattan vines are very sturdy. Go ahead, lean back. You can even  rock back and forth. The name is aptly called Yoda, which only a genius furniture designer can create. I had been a fan of Kenneth Cobonpue and his creativity for years.

young tourist chilling on the Yoda Chair

Proudly Philippine Made...

But on this occasion, I was more impressed by the genius of the owner of BE hotel. By putting the furniture pieces of Kenneth Cobonpue on display in his modern hotel's lobby, he exposed tourists to our excellent craftsmanship and artistry. It was so enriching to see Korean tourists asking where to buy them, or young guests rushing to get the coveted Cobonpue seats in the Cafe. 

The coveted dining couch by Kenneth

Cool Cabanas

Filipinos often complain about how the government fails in promoting our tourism or our country.  Kudos to the owner of BE Resorts.  He reminded me that to see change, you have to BE the change you want to be. I heard this is his first foray in the hospitality industry. Judging on his creative spirit and the efficiency of the front desk staff, I'm certain Be Resorts will definitely succeed beyond Cebu.

Cheers to BE!

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  1. Hi Maida! I found you! I have been lusting after those chiquita stools for years!

  2. Hi Missy... they're adorable. I want one! Maybe we can put it in our Christmas wish list. And hope Santa gives it to us. That is if we've been good. I'll miss the Crew's Christmas bash this year. Hugs!


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