Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Power of Play


Sadly, the older we get the more we forget to play. Here in Singapore, working long hours is a norm.  And catching up on work on weekends is fairly common.  

I am currently leading a workshop called "Creativity Stew". It aims to help participants unblock and unleash the creative life they long to have.  One thing I am imparting is the importance of play in the creative life.  As Kurt Hanks said, "A person might be able to play without being creative, but he sure can't be creative without playing."  I am getting my students to commit to at least an hour of play every week. It must be solo creative excursion, where they enjoy doing something on their own.  

But you must always practice what you preach.  

Today, as the rain pours outside, I seek refuge with my laptop in a cafe. I work on an article, even if it is Saturday.  Despite my desire to be productive, I lose my focus. Outside, a lady applies make-up on two guys.  They have costumes on.  Unable to resist, I walk out and ask what its all about. 

"This is one of the two Anime events in Singapore," the make up artist tells me. A guy with a sword tells me he is Chrono. The one with a red wig is Ariel. The Starbucks barista is appalled that I want a photo with these characters. They gladly oblige.  And, I sense some sense of pride. I have no clue who Chrono or Ariel is.  I even thought they were girls until we started conversing.  I admire them.  

It was definitely the universe reminding me to go out and play. 

Never lose that sense of wonder.  Always have time for play.  Go ahead don that red wig and costume. Who cares what other people think.  Have fun!  


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