Friday, April 17, 2009

Wolfing Down Wolfgang Puck's Pizza

I am an island girl, and I don't like the cold. On my last day in Denver, the barometer was in the 20s F. I was not a very happy camper. Exploring the city didn't appeal to me, I was much happier in the cozy warm seating in the basement of the boutique hotel. For hours, I happily journaled, as I waited for the airport shuttle to arrive.

The staff at United Airline's check-in counter has limited humans, only the do-it-yourself check in system. It's a bit of a shift from Asia, where airline staff still remain in abundance at the airports. Then, the extra long queue for x-ray before heading to the gate. By the time I got to the United Terminal, I was ready to eat. Seeing the usual suspects, Mc Donald's and other fastfood, I wasn't excited. But when I saw Wolf Gang Puck Express, I was intrigued.

He is a TV icon, and celebrity chef who whips up the meals for Oscar's parties. I headed one level up, got into a long line to place my order and another ten minutes or so to wait for my freshly baked pizza to come out of the wood fired oven. I chose Spinach Gorgonzola Pizza. By the time, I finally paid and had the box in my hand, it was time to run to my gate in time for boarding. With only a few minutes to spare. I shamelessly wolfed down this pizza in less than five minutes. The soft salty gorgozola was delighful, with a thin crust. Every bite oozed with fresh tomatoes. I ate it in record time. At one point I wondered if I should have offered the other passengers waiting. But part of me thought I selfishly earned this pizza. Whether wolf down another pizza again that fast, maybe not. Yet for whatever it's worth Wolfgang, you've managed to remove the ho-hum out of airport dining.

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